Space Explorers

On our first day of space exploration, campers learned all about the planets in our solar system. We started by reading a book all about the different things in space and making some puffy planets out of shaving cream and glue. 

Explorers investigated the planets by using inflatable planets to look see the difference in size and shape. We needed three campers to hold up the sun! We’re looking forward to learning about astronauts tomorrow!

We also played a planet matching game. 


Little Explorers blasted off into space first by reading Skippyjon Jones: Lost in Spice, about a cat who thinks he’s a dog going on an adventure through his closet to outer space.

We made our own astronaut helmets and space belts out of paper bags for when we make our own imaginary trip to outer space!

We were very excited to make our first trip to the planetarium where we got to read Astronaut Handbook and hear about some of the constellations and other things in space from camp’s assistant director Meghan! We prepared to go into space at snack time by going to astronaut boot camp. We watched one of the very cool astronaut videos from Chris Hatfield where he explains how all sorts of different things work in space. You can watch more at home!


Today we were enlightened about stars. We played a matching game with constellations and then got a chance to draw them ourselves after reading Stars. We got to take a second trip to the planetarium to see Musical Sky and learn more about the planets and space with Molly, our planetarium operator. !

When we got back, we made stars out of tissue paper. Tomorrow we will blast off to the moon!

Little Explorers got to take a voyage to the moon! We read If You Decide to Go to the Moon about a young boy’s trip all of the way to the moon and the different things he found there. We watched more videos from Chris Hatfield where we saw how he eats dessert in space and even how he brushes his teeth. The kids got to make their own puffy paint moon and add craters using marbles. It was a little messy, but the end result was awesome!

A puffy paint moon with craters!


On the last day of space camp, campers got to make one last outer space scene using coffee filters as planets. Little Explorers got a chance to play space bingo and color in their journal before snack where we played with a parachute and pretended to have a meteor shower! 

 Campers decorated seltzer rockets before launching them in the snack area for parents! You can relaunch your rocket at home with seltzer tablets and water (any residue will wash out of clothes). Thanks for a great week!