Paleontology Rocks Questions

Happy Monday, camp families!! Welcome to Paleontology Rocks camp! This week, we will be learning all about prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. Here’s a summary of what we’ll be learning about this week, and what you can ask you campers about each day!

On Monday, we will learn about Geologic Time, looking into which animals lived when and how long it takes for fossils to form! Ask me…

  • What the supercontinent was called 200+ million years ago
  • How I made my geologic time spiral
  • Which came first, triceratops or crocodiles
On Tuesday, we will learn about the many different types of fossils, and get to see some up close! Ask me…
  • If I was surprised at what dinosaur poop looked like!
  • How amber preserves things
  • Which fossil cast I painted
On Wednesday, we will focus on the animals that lived before the dinosaurs! Ask me…
  • What my favorite part of the 2nd floor tour was
  • How I designed my trilobite mask
  • How I excavated my trilobite in mud
On Thursday, we will learn all about dinosaurs! We will visit the planetarium to watch a short movie called Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs? Ask me…
  • Which dinosaurs could have been found in the United States
  • Which dinosaur I made
  • How dinosaurs really went extinct
On Friday, we will top our week off by learning about the animals that lived after the dinosaurs, looking specifically at the Ice Age. Ask me…
  • What animal I found in the dig box
  • What I learned on my tour of the Bristle Mammoth exhibit
  • What I loved most about camp this week!
Stay turned for more information via email regarding the museum store visit on Friday!