Dinosaur Explorers


On the first day of dinosaur camp, Little Explorers learned about what a dinosaur is using four criteria: a dinosaur doesn’t live in the water, fly, do the chicken dance, or have fur. 

They learned how to move like dinosaurs using gross motor dice before becoming paleontologists and extracting dinosaurs from ice with spray bottles. Every camper became a Triceratops and made a mask out of brightly colored paper. We’re looking forward to a whole week of dinosaur fun!


Little Explorers learned about dinosaur body fossils with a tour of the second floor of the museum. We got to look at many different dinosaurs and figure out if they are meat or plant eaters. We even learned about how dinosaurs should look when they’re all set up, which has changed over time as scientists have learned more about dinosaurs! 


We read Dinosaurumpus – a camp favorite – and played the corresponding movement game. We colored in our journals and painted the points to a Stegosaurus hat that we made out of an egg carton! What a great day at dinosaur camp!

Today, Little Explorers discovered different dinosaur sizes. We started by reading I’m Big about a lost sauropod. Next we played a dinosaur matching game and drew our favorite dinosaurs. After that we spent time exploring different dinosaur footprints from a full grown T. rex to a baby Allosaurs.

We made our own footprint tracks using stamp pads and plastic dinosaurs. At snack time, we used ribbon to see how large T. rex and Coelophysis would have been. To finish the day, Little Explorers filled in a dinosaur with tissue paper of all different colors. It was a big day at Little Explorers!


Little Explorers started their day by reading Fossils Tell Stories about what a fossil is and how they are made. Next, we took turns exploring the hands-on items on the second floor, and playing games at stations in the classroom. Little Explorers made their own track fossils like they saw on the tour with sand dough (2 cups sand, 2 cups flour, 3/4 cup water, 1 tbs glue) and put together dinosaur counting puzzles.

We sang along to the different StoryBots dinosaur raps with Triceratops being a huge hit. We finished the day by making dinosaur fossil skeletons from q-tips. 


On the last day of dinosaur camp, Little Explorers read Bones Bones Dinosaur Bones and after were visited by a paleontologist who dropped off some fossils for us to look at!

After that, we learned more about paleontologists and how they discover dinosaur bones. We created our own paleontologists to glue on a toilet paper tube and we made crayon rubbings of dinosaurs as well. To end the day, we got to be paleontologists on the fourth floor and go digging for fossils!

It was a great week at Little Explorers. Next up – Nature Explorers!