Natural Science Extravaganza

Day 1

Our topic of Monday is paleontology! Campers learned all about dinosaurs and the animals that lived around them. 

Campers visited our 2nd floor exhibit floor and used our hands-on drawers to see fossils up close!

We also discussed the different prehistoric periods in which dinosaurs lived: Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. They then made a book to sort different dinosaurs into those periods.


After learning about diets of different dinosaurs, campers made a dinosaur diorama for their very own dino!

Campers also learned that dinosaurs were not the only creatures living millions of years ago. They got a close-up look at commonly-found fossils, and then tried to sort them based on their appearances.

Day 2

Today, campers spent the day at the Arboretum with a program from Matthei Botanical Gardens.  They made their own nature journal and learned about identifying and drawing things they find in nature.

Day 3

Today was all about astronomy! Campers visited our planetarium and saw a star talk, looking into the sky and our solar system around us. They then created a “Universe in a Box” that they can use to recognize constellations in the sky based on the time of year. 

Later, campers were challenged to create a balloon rocket that could launch as many paper clips into the air as possible. 

Groups also collaborated on a solar system mural, complete with planets, stars, and a few black holes. It is now hanging outside the Camp Explorations office!

Day 4

Today, activities were centered around archaeology! Campers learned some Ann Arbor history, seeing artifacts found in the 19th century Burnham house and making guesses as to what they would have been used for.

Campers then went back further in time, playing a Greek temple building game.


They then made pots and cups out of clay to mimic ancient styles. Some campers had styles of their own, though!


Day 5

Today was all about zoology! Campers painted wooden fish and snakes after seeing them on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

They also played a card game called Eat or Be Eaten to see the food chain in action.

Campers learned about dichotomous keys, or the way in which animals are often classified. They then tried to make their own.

They had a blast going on a Pokemon scavenger hunt throughout the museum and answering questions about the Pokemon’s corresponding exhibit. They even won prizes at the end!

There are only two more weeks of camp left! We hope campers are going to miss us as much as we are going to miss them!