Adventures in Chemistry Questions

Welcome to Adventures in Chemistry! This week, campers will be transformed into chemists through experiments, demonstrations and more! Below is a summary of each day of camp, as well as questions you can ask your camper at the end of each day.

On Monday, campers will learn about the basics of chemistry. Ask them…

  • What an atom and isotope are.
  • If I won Periodic Table Battleship!
  • How we made slime.
On Tuesday, we will learn all about chemical reactions and how they work. Ask campers…
  • Which mixtures worked well with plaster, and which did not.
  • If my baking soda vinegar boat could float.
  • What I did with yesterday’s slime!
Wednesday, campers will be learning about density. Ask them…
  • How they made spaghetti dance!
  • If regular or diet soda is sweeter.
  • What a Cartesian Diver is.
Thursday will be devoted to Acids and Bases, and their differences. Ask campers…
  • How powerful bleach really is.
  • What was used to neutralize a base.
  • How sour soda really is.
On Friday, campers will be experimenting food chemistry. Ask them…
  • How they turned juice into a solid.
  • How they made stained glass out of sugar!
  • What they loved most about camp this week.