Bug Explorers Questions

Happy Monday, camp families! Welcome to a week full of bug discoveries and fun! Below is a summary of what your campers will be doing each day, as well as questions to ask them at the end of the day.

On Monday, campers will learn what insects are and look closely at them. Ask me…
  • What is an insect?
  • How I decorated my bug jar.
  • What bugs I got to see up close!
On Tuesday, we will focus on spiders! We will be visited by the Leslie Science and Nature Center for a bug program! Ask me…
  • How I made my own spider web!
  • What bugs I saw during the presentation.
On Wednesday, campers will learn about ladybugs. Ask me…
  • What the lady bug life cycle is.
  • How painted my insect.
  • If I was a ladybug or aphid in our Ladybug/Aphid (Red Light/Green Light) game.
On Thursday, we will learn about bees! Ask me…
  • How I made my own bee!
  • The difference between honeybees and bumblebees.
  • How I gathered my own pollen like a bee!
On Friday, we will look for bugs outside! Ask me…
  • How I created my own bug! 
  • Is a termite eating a dead tree a good bug or bad bug?
  • What bug is my favorite!