Best of Camp Explorations Questions

This week we’re bringing back favorite activities from Camp Explorations! Here are some questions to ask your camper at the end of each day.

On Monday, we’re learning about the environment and ecology. Ask me…

  • What is a watershed?
  • What kind of habitat does my animal live in?
  • Who won the animal olympics?
On Tuesday, we’re learning about engineering and physics. Ask me…
  • How accurate was my popsicle stick catapult?
  • What kind of circuit did I make?
  • What additions did I add to my rocket?
On Wednesday, we’re going to the arb! Make sure to bring sunscreen, walking shoes, and a backpack.
On Thursday, it’s all about paleontology. Ask me…
  • What did I find in the dig box?
  • Which fossil was my favorite?
  • What prize did I get?
On Friday, we’re all going to be astronomers. Ask me…
  • How does my space cootie catcher work?
  • How high did my rocket blast off?
  • What was my favorite part of this week?