Emerging Engineers Questions

Welcome to our Emerging Engineers this week! We are learning all about what it means to be an engineer, what they do, and how they work! We will be challenging our spatial learning skills with engineering games, puzzles, and activities.

On Monday, we will learn who engineers are, and what they do.  Ask me…

  •  What does it mean to be an engineer?
  • How long was the roller coaster I built?
  • Did I pass my  paper engineering challenge?

Tuesday is all about civil engineering.  Ask me..

  • What did my road through the mountains look like?
  • Which of the three little pigs did the best, and why?
  • What did I build with K’nex?

On Wednesday, we will learn about mechanical engineering.  Ask me…

  • What is a cane toad? What did my trap look like?
  • How far did my balloon car go?

Thursday we will be working on our coding skills!  Ask me…

  • (Older) What did I do with my sumo bot, and what is it made out of?
  • (Younger) About my coding treasure hunt!
  • What did my Lego maze look like?

On Friday, we will end our week by learning about robotics.  Ask me…

  • (Older) How my sumo bot battle went.
  • (Younger) What I built in Junior Robotics! What noise did it make?
  • Did my boat float?