Ice Age Explorers Questions

Happy Monday, camp families! Welcome to a week full of discoveries and fun! Below is a summary of what your campers will be doing each day, as well as questions to ask them at the end of the day.

On Monday, campers will learn about the Ice Age and animals that lived during it. Ask me…
  • What were some of the Ice Age Animals?  Which one is my favorite?
  • How animals stay warm in winter. 
On Tuesday, we will learn about Mammoths and Mastodons. Ask me…
  • The differences between Mammoths and Mastodons. 
  • The Mammoth that was found in Michigan! The Bristle (Bris-lee) Mammoth. 
On Wednesday, campers will learn about some of the people that lived during this time. Ask me…
  • About the prehistoric art I made. 
  • How we “hunted” a mastodon. 
On Thursday, we will learn more about Ice Age Animals, specifically the Sabertooth Cat! Ask me about…
  • The Sabertooth Cat I saw on the 2nd floor of the Museum.  How big were it’s teeth? 
  • What happened to the Ice Age Animals?
On Friday, we will look at some of the Ice Age Animal Habitats! Ask me…
  • About the Ice Age animal habitats I looked at on the 2nd floor.  Which one was my favorite?
  • My ice age animal I excavated from ice.