Best of Camp Explorations

Day 1

This week was all about the best of the best! Campers began their day learning about watersheds and why they’re important. Then they got to make their own! They also learned about pollution and what happens to their watershed when it occurs.
There was also an animal olympics. Campers did relays against each other while acting as different animals!
Finally, campers had to make habitats for their animals. These needed to have food, shelter, and anything their animal needed to survive. Many campers got very creative with this!

Day 2

On Tuesday, campers had the chance to learn about physics and engineering. First, they got to decorate their rockets that they will be launching on Friday.
Next, they learned more about flight by making little paper helicopters. These twirl down when dropped!

Campers learned about force by making catapults. They shot pompoms at a target and tried to make them as accurate as possible. 
Campers learned about electricity by making their own snap circuits. 
Lastly, Blue and Red group also had the chance to go to the planetarium!

Day 3

Campers went to the arb today and played parachute games!
Sometimes campers found cool things in nature too!
Finally, we made a stop in the fairy garden before going back to the museum.

Day 4

Thursday was all about paleontology. Campers were given a tour of the 2nd floor of the museum to look at different fossils. 
They also got to dig up their own fossils in the dig box!
Campers then were transformed into dinosaurs by making triceratops masks and paws. 
Campers also went on a scavenger hunt through the museum! In the end they unlocked a prize!
Some of the older campers also made pterodactyls that could really fly! 

Day 5

Friday was all about astronomy. Campers started the day by launching off their rockets!
They also made space themed cootie catchers. 
Of course they played some space themed games too! 

To end the week, Yellow, Green, and Orange group went to a planetarium show.
Overall, it was a great last week of camp!