I Dig Archaeology

Happy Friday camp families! On Monday campers learned all about what archaeologist do. They looked at different artifacts and had to determine if it was an archaeologist or paleontologist who would be interested in the object. They also practiced being archaeologist and measured stone tools!









They created a personal archaeology painting by drawing artifacts that relate to them on small pieces of paper and connecting them on a larger one to create a collage.










They also began working on their roman shields which they finished creating on Wednesday.










On Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. We did two different activities here. Campers became archaeologist and worked on their own excavation site! They dug through the sediment to uncover broken artifacts. They would record the location of the piece and then place them in bags. Once most of the pieces were uncovered, they attempted to tape them all back together.













After they finished tapingtheir pots back together they went into the gallery and saw a pot that was once buried underground and was put back together by archaeologist.

They also created their own mummy and sarcophagus. They used barbie dolls that were filled with candy to represent organs. They took them all out (except the heart) and put them in mini canopic jars.



On Wednesday we learned about Greece and Rome. Campers finished up their roman shield today. They also got to see a replica roman shied and helmet that a counselor brought in!



















Campers got to learn about Greek mythology and  carve their favorite design on a scratch board shaped like a vase.








We also held the Camp Explorations Olympic Games today! Campers competed against each other in a variety of events. There was wheel barrel racing, javelin throw, long jump, and a race.











On Thursday we learned about ancient Mesopotamia. Campers created a 3D map of Mesopotamia using clay, cardboard, foam and other supplies.

They also learned about ancient Mesopotamian writing, Cuneiform. They practiced writing their names in Cuneiform and made a cylinder seal using different foam shapes or letters. Once they created the seal, they rolled it on to clay to show the printed seal design!









We also played a Sumerian game where campers had to solve problems and help Mesopotamia grow into a Sumerian city-state!

Friday we dove underwater and learned all about shipwrecks. In 1975 S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior, and campers looked at a map of the wreck and pictures of artifacts that were found to see if they could figure out why it might have sank. They also learned about diving signals that scuba divers must use because they cannot talk underwater.

Using their skills about decoding alphabets, campers had to save artifacts by decoding 5 clues in order to access the code for the lock box and access the timer to save thousands of Greek and Roman artifacts from being destroyed.










Campers finished the week playing a few games of ‘Who Sunk my Battleship?’