Digging Up the Past Questions

Welcome to the third week of camp, Digging Up the Past! This week campers will unearth all sorts of knowledge from the past. Here are some questions that you may ask your camper each day. 




Monday’s topic will be paleontology. We will talk about what paleontologists do and take a look at some dinosaur fossils and more!



How many claws does an Allosaurus have? Is it more than a T-Rex’s?


Why did stegosaurus have tail spikes? 


What do paleontologists think stegosaurus’ back plates were for? 


Briefly describe the fossilization process. How difficult is it for a fossil to form? 


Tuesday’s topic is ancient Egypt. We will learn all about Egyptian culture on this day. 



What is the Rosetta Stone? 


What is papyrus and what was it used to make? 


What were the pyramids built for? 


Wednesday’s topic is archaeology. We will talk about what archaeologists do and compare their work with the work of paleontologists. We will also talk about Native American culture.



What do archaeologists study?


Which Native American tribe makes totem poles? 


What was the purpose of a totem pole? 


What is the origin of the stick dice game?