Science Explorers Questions

For this short week we will be exploring the sciences, focusing on Paleontology, Astronomy, and Biology!

Monday is Paleontology day! Our very own Ms. Brenna will be giving the Little Explorers a tour of the Evolution Gallery! Ask …

  • What do Paleontologists do?
  • What did you learn during the tour?
  • To see my Stegosaurus Back Plates!

On Tuesday, we will learn about Astronomy! Campers will become astronomers and learn about Space while also seeing a Planetarium show. Ask …

  • To see my Planet belt and Sun hat!
  • How was the Planetarium show?
  • What do Astronomers study?

On Wednesday, we will focus on Biology. The Little Explorers will learn what blood is made out of and explore the human skeleton. Ask …

  • What is blood made of?
  • How many beats per minute was your heart rate?
  • To see the skeleton dance!