Bug Explorers Questions

Welcome to our week of exploring bugs!

On Monday, we will be looking at insects and how to distinguish them from other bugs. Ask …

  • What makes an insect an insect?
  • If I caught any bugs at snack time.
  • How many parts does an insect have?

On Tuesday, the Little Explorers will be looking at bugs with wings. Ask …

  • To see my butterfly or dragonfly wings!
  • What the life cycle of a bug is?
  • To show you the life cycle dance.

Wednesday is Bee day! Ask …

  • Why do bumblebees have hair on their bodies?
  • How bumblebees and honeybees are different?
  • To see my bee puppet!

Arachnids will be our focus on Thursday, specifically spiders! Ask …

  • What the different kinds of spider webs are?
  • To see my spider web!
  • Why are spider webs sticky?

We will focus on looking for bugs on Friday. Ask …

  • To see my bug creation!
  • What’s the difference between a good and a bad bug?
  • How did I like the tarantula?