Inventor’s Workshop Questions

Hello camp families! Welcome to week 4 of camp, Inventor’s Workshop. This week campers will be engineers and build all sorts of neat things. Here is a brief overview of each day and also some questions you may ask your camper.


On Monday the general theme is engineering. We will introduce campers to the engineering design process and then have them implement the process in a couple of activities.


What are the steps in the engineering design process?

How tall was your tower in the marshmallow design challenge?

Would you do anything differently to make it stronger or taller?

Was your team successful in the “toxic marshmallow design challenge”?


On Tuesday campers will learn about civil/structural engineering and do several activities that resonate with that branch of engineering.


What forces must architects consider when constructing a building?

What do engineers use to help simulate earthquakes on model buildings?

How many coins did your straw boat hold? What could be done to improve upon your straw boat design?

What is one key concept you to take into account when building towers out of wooden blocks, cups and craft sticks?

Do you think this holds true for real life situations?


On Wednesday campers will learn about electrical engineering and similar to Tuesday, campers will partake in several activities that will highlight electrical engineering concepts.

How can you test if a circuit is closed or open?

What does conductivity mean?

What is an electromagnet?

What do engineers use electromagnets for?



Thursday’s topic will be mechanical engineering, so campers will do several activities that are packed with mechanical engineering themes.

What is potential energy?

Where was the potential energy stored in our balloon-powered car?

Once released, what does the potential energy change to?


On Friday campers will play and program robots!


How did we program the LEGO Mindstorm Robots?

What kind of robots are the Hexbugs?