Animal Superheroes Questions

Welcome to Week 5 of Camp, Animal Superheroes. This week campers will learn about different animals and the amazing adaptations they have developed over time to help them thrive in their natural habitats, thus acting like “Superheroes.” Here is a brief summary of what will be covered each day this week, as well as some questions you may ask your camper.


Monday’s topic is general adaptations. We will go over a bunch of animals and their special superpowers they developed. We will also be going up to the evolution gallery to take a look at some superheroes from the bygone eras.


What are some dinosaur adaptations?

What does Deinynonchus mean?

How did Deonunonchus’ claw rest?


Tuesday we will focus on the superheroes that live in the ocean and their superpowers. 


What are some aquatic adaptions?

Do aquatic animals share any similarities to land animals? (think adaptations)

How many “layers” do we split the ocean up in, can you name them?


Wednesday focuses on the tiny, but mighty insect superheroes.


What is a type of development that many bugs go through? (such as butterflies)

How many cycles are in the mode of development that butterflies have?

How many cycles are in the mode of development that grasshoppers have?


Thursday we will be learning about the superheroes that prowl the night, nocturnal animals that is. The Leslie Science Nature Center will pay us a visit this day. They will be bringing some of these superheroes to show and tell.


What is an important adaptation that nocturnal animals typically have?

What adaptations have bats developed?

Are bats blind?


Friday will be spent going over all sorts of different adaptations via our adaptation stations. 


How do elephants cool off?

What kind of adaptions have some animals, such as Penguins, developed to stay warm in really cold environments?

Are bats the only animals who use echolocation?