Astronauts in Training

Campers had a blast training to be astronauts this week!

Monday began by putting the campers to the test! They started with astronaut training outside. Campers ran an obstacle course, practiced their balancing skills and carried heavy objects to see if they had what it take to go into space!

Later, campers made their own astronaut helmet and belts. Campers got really creative with their designs!

Campers finished the day by practicing some more skills inside. Campers simulated moving and working in space by being tethered to rope and having to complete small tasks while wearing gloves. Campers quickly learned that it can be hard to complete tasks in space!


On Tuesday, campers learned about stars and galaxies.The campers went to their first planetarium show the week. The younger campers saw the Little Star show while the older campers saw Teenagers Guide to the Galaxy. After, campers talked about organisms that can live in extreme environments and how scientists use this information to explore life beyond Earth. Campers also talked about how scientists classify different galaxies.

After learning about different galaxies, campers used this information to create their own galactic mobiles. The campers had a blast putting these together!



On Wednesday, campers learned all about rockets. For the first half of the day campers decorated their bottle rockets and did an activity where they had to decide what supplies would be needed if they crashed landed on the moon!

After all the rockets were finished, the campers went over to Palmer Field to launch the rockets. It was perfect weather for rocket launching and campers enjoyed counting down their rockets and watching their rockets take off! At the end of the morning, campers came back and enjoyed a nice cold popsicle on the terrace steps!


On Thursday, campers enjoyed their second planetarium and video chatted with a real scientist from NASA! In between our activities, campers made star finder cootie catchers which ended up being a huge hit!

At the beginning of the day all the campers enjoyed the Sky Talk planetarium show where they learned about different constellations and stars in our night sky!

Afterwards, the campers listened to our NASA scientist Nicole Herrmann as she talked to the campers about NASA’s new mission to send people back to the moon by 2024! The moon mission is part of a bigger mission to eventually send people to Mars in the near future! Later, campers had the opportunity to ask Nicole some questions about the mission, her job at NASA and why she loves working at NASA.


For our last day of space camp, campers talked all about Mars! They started the day by constructing their own paper rockets and launched them to see if they could make it to Mars.

Later, campers discussed what would be needed in a Mars community for humans to survive. They then created their own communities using craft bin supplies. The campers got really creative with their communities!

Campers finished space week with rover races! Campers simulated Mars rovers by guiding each other through a maze and collecting rock samples blindfolded!

We hope the campers had a blast at Astronauts in Training camp!