Animal Explorers Questions

Welcome to Animal Explorers week where we get to learn about the amazing animals that inhabit our Earth!

We’ll start the week focusing on animals in general. Ask…
– What animal scares you and why?
– How do animals hide from predators?
– What is a predator and what is a prey?
On Tuesday, we will study animals living in water! Ask…
– How many fish did you catch?
– What animals live in the ocean?
– What’s different about animals living in the ocean and those that live in freshwater?
Wednesday is Reptile day! We will be getting a visit from the Leslie Science and Nature Center! Ask…
– What environment do reptiles live in?
– To see my paper snake!
– What do all reptiles have in common?
We will focus on birds for Thursday. Ask…
– Why do birds have different beaks?
– To see my Bird Feeder!
– What did you find in the owl pellets?
On our last day, we will learn about where animals live. Ask…
– What are the different kinds of habitats animals live in?
– What do all animals need to stay alive?
– To see my Diorama!