Dinosaur Explorers Questions

Welcome to Dinosaur week! What is a dinosaur? How big were they? How do we know they existed? Who studies them and what tools do they use to do so? These are all questions that will be answered this week!

On Monday, we will be learning about how to distinguish a dinosaur apart from all the other extinct animals! Ask …

  • What are some features of a dinosaur?
  • To see my Triceratops mask!
  • What kind of dinosaur did you make?

Tuesday is Fossil day! This day will be focused on what traces these prehistoric animals left behind. Ask …

  • How was building the dinosaur skeleton?
  • To see my dinosaur bone craft!
  • What do we call the remains of a dinosaur that is found today?

Teeth will be Wednesday’s topic! We will learn about the different kinds of teeth and how they are different among herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. Ask …

  • To see my dinosaur tooth!
  • What’s the difference between a meat and plant eater’s tooth?
  • How was the Evolution Gallery tour?

On Thursday, we will learn about how big dinosaurs were. Ask …

  • How tall was a Brachiosaurus?
  • How long was a Spinosaurus?
  • What my dinosaur looks like!

To end our week, we will become the very scientists that find and study fossils – Paleontologists! Ask …

  • What does a Paleontologist study?
  • What tools does a Paleontologist need?
  • What fossils did you find?