“Ology” Camp Questions

This week is all about ologies. Each day, campers will focus on a different “ology”. Here are some questions to ask your camper each day.

Monday is all about Zoology. Ask your camper…

  • What is the difference between an antler and a horn?
  • Show me the bird you made!
  • Were you a predator or prey for the Quick Frozen Critters game?

On Tuesday campers will learn about Geology. Ask your camper…

  • What are the three types of rocks?
  • Show me your Earth hat!
  • What was the coolest thing you saw in the Dynamic Planet Exhibit?

Wednesday is all about Entomology! Ask your camper…

  • If they caught any bugs outside.
  • To see their bug creation!
  • What kind of insects did you look at?

On Thursday campers will learn about Marine Biology. Ask your camper…

  • What was your favorite part of the Expedition Reef planetarium show?
  • To see their Reef Buddies craft!
  • What is symbiosis?

Friday is all about Paleontology. Ask your camper…

  • What are some of the fossils you saw?
  • Show me your Stegosaurus hat!
  • What did you find in the dig box?