Our Team

Thore Bergman

Director. The Erlich of this data incubator. Responsible for picking the right people to do the actual work.



Jacinta Beehner

Director. The Jared of the project. Keeps things working from behind the scenes. Also responsible for setting up the EIA hormone lab at Taboga.


Marcela Benítez

Director, field coordinator, communication maven. Responsible for running things on the ground, coordinating lab and field studies of capuchin cognition, and translating government documents into English (her favorite pastime).


Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson

Director, field coordinator, communication maven. Responsible for running things on the ground, starting a field school from scratch (in her spare time), and translating government documents into English (coincidently also her favorite pastime).


Alexander Fuentes

Long-term field assistant with roots in Monteverde, but his heart lies in Bagaces. When we say boots on the ground, it is Alex’s boots we are talking about. First project member to see capuchins at Taboga (Marcela claims it was a tie). Responsible for finding, habituating, and learning monkeys. Also clearing trails.


Juan Carlos Ordoñez

Long-term field assistant and phenology expert. Responsible for finding, habituating, and identifying monkeys. Hobbies include birding and cooking with loud rock music.



Sophia Prisco

Field assistant who started her life at Taboga the same day as Tiny, one of the newest babies of the Tenori group. She works on collecting data, vocalizations, habituating monkeys and fighting ant infestations.


Evan Farese

Field assistant who, along with Sophia and Ren, works on collecting data, vocalizations, and habituating monkeys. In his time here, he has grown very fond of taking the car to the mechanic in Cañas.



Ren Rees

The newest field assistant to join the project, also helping to collect data, vocalizations and monkey poop. From the UK, she enjoys teaching the others weird British words and foods.


Project Alumni

Celia McLean

Former field manager from Portland, Oregon. She was responsible for data collection and management, collecting vocalizations, and writing website posts once in a blue moon. Off to grad school!



Ariek Norford

Former field assistant from Pennsylvania. Their job was collecting and cleaning data (and everything else, really). Obsessed with anything to do with monkeys, recounting all their drama, and befriending all the underdog monkeys.


Jahmaira Archbold

Jahmaira is a former field assistant who hails from Arogno, Switzerland. She spent 8 months at Taboga, primarily in charge of data organization and recording capuchin vocalizations. Jahmaira has a masters in behavioral ecology and spent 6 months in the Congo studying bonobo vocalizations.


Courtney Anderson

Courtney was the project’s first field manager, and is now in graduate school at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.