Research Staff

Missy Fuentes Delgado : Lab Manager

Missy Fuentes Delgado

Lab Manager

Missy Fuentes Delgado is the Lab Manager for the CASA Lab. She graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity with a subplan in Politics, Policy and Equity, along with minors in Psychology and Symbolics Systems. Missy's research interests include racial/ethnic identity development and diversity within broader institutions, specifically how it can inform the development of interventions for real world application.

Alumni (Lab Managers/Project Coordinators): Yadira Estrada, Josefina BaƱales, Rebecca Marks, Caryn Lentz, Saraƭ Blanco Martinez, Lizbeth Diaz

Former Community Research Assistants: Amanda Santiago, Mayra Martinez, Jocelyn Ramirez.