Jim Cranford, PhD

    Consultant I received my Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the State University of New York, University at Albany. My research focuses on 1) marital and family context of substance use and substance use disorders; and 2) application of intensive longitudinal methods to studies of stress, affect, and substance use. Our team is using prospective panel, behavioral observation, and daily process methods to clarify the nature of the associations between social relationships and individual cognition, affect, and behavior across different time scales.  

    Rosanne Jocson

    Ph.D. Rosanne Jocson completed a PhD in Developmental Psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Ateneo de Manila University. Her research investigates the role of socioeconomic contexts in family and child development and the protective factors that promote resilience and child socio-emotional competence. Specifically, she aims to (1) examine how the context of poverty influences parents, children, and adolescents, with a focus on risks such as poor living conditions, neighborhood and housing contexts, and violence exposure; (2) identify protective factors that promote resilience and adaptive functioning among children and adolescents living in low-resource contexts; and (3) inform interventions for families and children at risk.  

    Traci Kennedy


    Traci earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan in 2013. Her dissertation was entitled Exposed: Revealing Patterns of Community Violence Exposure and Psychological Well-Being Among Urban Youth. Her research focuses broadly on environmental risk factors for youth’s mental health as well as processes that foster children’s resilience. Traci completed her clinical internship at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she specialized in both pediatric psychology and child clinical psychology. She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Currently, Traci is a psychologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome Program. Dr. Kennedy continuous to be an important member of our research team and frequent collaborator.