ICS Project Videos

Project Goals

To identify high school students with high leadership potential and engage them in thinking about the outdoor environment and play spaces in urban, suburban, and semi-rural communities.

To engage upper elementary students — who are at an age where they are starting to use the physical environment beyond school and home independently for play, and when they are beginning to be reflective about their own play activities — in activities that generate discussion about their physical environments and their relationships to the outdoors.

To develop high-quality student-generated videos that address issues of children’s relationships to play spaces and the outdoors, for broadcast on the web and on television.


UM-Flint faculty advisors:

  • Jeff Kupperman
  • Sharman Siebenthal-Adams
  • Gary Weisserman

Cooperating elementary school teachers:

  • Christine Bradshaw-Hamady Elementary School, Westwood Hights Public Schools
  • Kristina Parker-Hamady Elementary School, Westwood Hights Public Schools
  • Lynette Autry-Northwest Elementary School, Howell Public Schools)
  • Sharon Dardarian-Roosevelt Elementary School, West Bloomfield Public Schools
  • And special thanks to Jay McDowell of Howell High School