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Reed Awards

As part of my undergraduate course on the legislative process, students play competitive games designed to simulate life in Congress.  To succeed in these games, students need a strong grasp of strategy and excellent interpersonal skills.  At the end of semester, each section holds an election for the Thomas Brackett Reed Award, named for the 19th century Speaker of the House who, more than anyone in history, shaped the House of Representatives into what it is today.  The class votes for who they think demonstrated the strongest grasp of the principles of power.  I have recorded the names of past winners here.

Fall 2023

  • Parker Battin
  • Max Karp
  • Evie Klepp

Winter 2023

  • Noah Fasczewski
  • Taylor Bowie
  • Will Knudsen

Fall 2021:

  • Eric Haun
  • Tim Magdziak
  • Andrew Dudewicz
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