Upcoming Events


25 September 2020: First Meeting
Members discussed the group’s business, a schedule, offered monthly discussion topics, and

16 October 2020: EOS Readings
Members discussed readings from EOS, an organisation for Africana receptions of Greco-Roman Classics.

17 October 2020: Antigone in Ferguson
Members of TiCI joined with Contexts for Classics (CFC) to watch and discuss Antigone in Ferguson.

13 November 2020: Classics, Indigeneity, and Imperialism
Members discussed Deconolizing Methodologies and the role of language education in the cultural genocide of North American indigenous peoples.

4 December 2020: Our Classical Receptions
Members presented their own examples of classical reception and intersectionality.

16 February 2021: Pedagogy in Classics
Members discussed anti-racist and decolonized pedagogy, and discussed the new Classical Reception graduate student certificate.

16 March 2021: Curse of Medea (film)
Members discussed the classical reception of the Curse of Medea and Medea as a refugee.

27 April 2021: TiCI-CFC Classical Receptions Symposium
Presenters TBD