Graduate Study

I’ve just moved from the University of Arizona and am recruiting students to join my new lab in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department. 

The University of Michigan is among the best places in the world to pursue graduate study in paleoclimate and climate change. Our department combines world-class research programs and facilities with a supportive, collaborative environment.

Our department provides support to graduate students at both the MS and PhD levels. Admission is highly competitive. Successful applicants have strong grades and test scores along with a clear statement of interest and purpose. I welcome students from a range of science backgrounds – geosciences, atmospheric/oceanic sciences, chemistry, ecology, math. Our work is interdisciplinary and benefits from diverse approaches.

Students who succeed here need to have the ability to dive into these disciplines to develop the tools needed to answer their research questions. My students either arrive with, or develop, quantitative and analytical (lab) skills to make their research project work. Most students end up working with both data and model approaches to the study of past climate change, and develop knowledge of modern climate systems as well as past changes.

I welcome inquiries from students interested in joining my lab as a graduate student. For the details of applying to our department, please see this page. It you’re interested to join my group, please email me directly. In this email, please include your research interests, your general background, and a current CV. It also helps me to see information that would be included in your application, such as your GPA, GRE’s, and list of science and math classes you have taken. Thanks!

Alumni: I have been lucky to work with amazing people in my lab! You can find out what my former students and lab colleagues are up to now, here.