Talks and Posters at CUNY2020 in Amherst

Updated 5/19/20 to add links, including video of Rachel’s talk and all three posters.

The lab is looking forward to the 2020 CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing at UMass Amherst from March 19th to 21st! Be sure to check out our latest work:

  1. Rachel Weissler will give a talk titled Racial identity matters: EEG correlates reflect syntactic expectation based on both speaker identity and language variety in American Englishes
    (Thur 3/19 @ 2:30)  [watch the talk!]
  2. Tzu-Yun Tung will present a poster titled Asymmetric processing of Mandarin relative clauses (#B40, Poster Session B, Friday 12:10 – 2PM) [download here]
  3. Chia-wen Lo will present a poster titled Testing temporal boundaries of composition in low-frequency neural oscillations
    (#B49, Poster Session B, Friday 12:10 – 2PM) [download here]
  4. Tamarae Hildebrandt will present a poster titled Examining behavioral and electrophysiological coherence in a construction demonstrating gradient acceptability
    (#C54, Poster Session C, Saturday 12:10 – 2PM) [download here]

We are joined by fellow Michiganders Andrew McInnerney and Emily Atkinson (Talk Syntactically unintegrated parentheticals: Evidence from agreement attraction is Saturday @ 5:10) and Savi Namboodiripad (Poster #A24 Verb position and flexible constituent order processing: Comparing verb-final and verb- medial languages, Thursday 6-8pm)