Posters on dialect comprehension, relative clauses, oscillations, and more at SNL2020!

One great boon of virtual conferences is that the presentations can be made available to a much wider audience. Be sure to check out posters from our lab that were presented at the 2020 meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language.

Chia-wen Lo (B54) Testing semantic compositionality in low-frequency neural oscillations

Emily Sabo (B51) Speaker Accent influences Bilingual Lexical Activation: An EEG Study on Sentence Processing of False Cognates

Tzu-Yun Tung (H3) Symmetric retrieval in processing Mandarin relative clauses

In addition to these posters, Neelima Wagley (Umich PH.D. 2019) presented a talk on her excellent post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt! Bi-directional relations of semantic and syntactic neuro-cognitive development in children 6- to 7.5-years-old