Award-winning undergraduate research at the Michigan research symposium

A student holds a blue ribbon and a rolled-up scientific poster

Congrats to the undergraduate researchers who presented their work at the spring research symposiums for the UROP program and MRADs program.

Kennedy Lloyd won a coveted blue-ribbon award 🏆 for her poster titled Quantifying methodological racialized inequities in neurolinguistics. Analyzing evoked auditory responses from 66 participants, she found that signal quality was highest in white participants, possibly reflecting the previously-documented sensitive of EEG to differences in hair type (here and here).

Maria Figueredo won a blue-ribbon award 🏆 for her poster titled EEG brain activity similarity to neural network models of language processing. In collaboration with Chinmay Savanur, Maria developed a pipeline for applying representational similarity analysis to compare EEG signals recorded from naturalistic listening with layer-wise activation profiles from GPT-2.

Navya Gullapuram presented a poster titled Does brain-to-brain synchrony predict alignment between speakers in naturalistic conversation? Connecting with a EEG hyperscanning project led by David Abugaber, Navya’s work focused on designing a pipeline for analyzing neural synchrony and comparing neural patterns to conversational patterns.

Sohum Pavaskar presented a poster at the MRADs symposium titled Comparing the accuracy of different AI-based automatic speech transcription services for fieldwork in neurolinguistics. Working with David Abugaber, this project evaluated available tool-chains for their application to naturalistic conversation collected during the EEG hyper-scanning project led by Dr. Abugaber.