Prospective Students

Given my dual appointment, I am able mentor students in a variety of ways at the University of Michigan.  As the UMMZ Mammal Collections Manager, I mentor undergraduate and graduate students with interests in natural history collections.  These students typically are employed via UMMZ funds and assist in the daily function of the Mammal Division.  I also accept student and non-student volunteers.  These folks often are looking for a unique experience and help fulfill the needs of various collection projects.

My research faculty appointment allows me to co-advise graduate students enrolled in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the University of Michigan.  If you are interested in such, please visit the EEB website to identify a faculty member to potentially serve as your primary advisor.  I also mentor undergraduates seeking research experience.  Feel free to email me ( if you would like to discuss these options, and I would be more than happy to make suggestions depending on your career goals.

Available postings will be listed here and/or on the University of Michigan Student Employment Office website as appropriate.


Undergraduate Research Assistant(s) – CLOSED

UMMZ Museum Technician – CLOSED

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