The Politics of Blackface Then and Now: What’s in Your Yearbook?

We are in a moment in which a “culture war”—in large part about race—has been ignited and is being stoked daily by activists across the political spectrum and by the President of the United States himself. This high stakes culture war is playing out across our cultural landscape in ways that we need to better understand and the practice of blackface as a political tool has become a particularly potent flash point.

Please join us for a conversation about ‘blackface—then and now.’ What is it? Why does it still matter? Why was it a thing in 1880 and 1980? And why is it all over the news now? Come talk to scholars who work on questions like these and others you might have about blackface then and now.

Stephen Berrey (American Culture and History), Bethany Hughes (American Culture and Native American studies), and Peter Ho Davies (English). Moderated by Angela Dillard (Residential College, Afroamerican and African Studies, and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education).