Thinking on a New Model of Mentorship and Advising

The Humanities Collaboratory welcomes 5×5 Incubator Grant team “Thinking on a New Model of Mentorship and Advising.” The team formed, in part, to contend with “challenges posed by dominant models of student advising in doctoral education” and to “[begin] a collective reckoning with individual narratives—the underlying etiology of harassment and other forms of power abuse within graduate programs.” Team members include Ellen Muehlberger, Associate Professor of MES and History; David Porter, Professor and Chair of English; Matthew Countryman, Associate Professor of History and American Culture (and Chair of DAAS); Marlyse Baptista, Professor of Linguistics, and Ruth Tsoffar, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies.

Designed to spark compelling conversations, 5×5 Incubator Grants bring together small groups of faculty, lecturers, research scientists, librarians, curators, post-docs and other university scholars from a range of fields for a short-term engagement in exploring common interests.