Making Sense of Diasporas: Pedagogy and Public Engagement

“Making Sense of Diasporas: Pedagogy and Public Engagement” formed to “[tackle] the question of how to combine teaching, research, and public engagement in a collaborative environment.” Shared interests led the team to consider ways to conceptualize diasporas, diasporic identities, and issues of migration. Team members Bryan Roby (Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies), Devi Mays (Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies), Evyn Kropf (Librarian for Middle East Studies), Deborah Dash-Moore (Professor, Judaic Studies/History), and Kira Thurman (Assistant Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures/History) have begun by developing a “suitcase exercise” which aims to make understanding of diasporas and migration more tangible by connecting it to material objects and contemporary narratives.

The suitcase exercise will invite participants to bring 10-15 items that they would carry if they had to migrate quickly. The 5×5 team envisions educators using this exercise to explore diasporic idenitities and issues of migration through public scholarship and/or a k-12 pedagogical tool.

Designed to spark compelling conversations, 5×5 Incubator Grants bring together small groups of faculty, lecturers, research scientists, librarians, curators, post-docs and other university scholars from a range of fields for a short-term engagement in exploring common interests.