Co-Founder of Carceral State Project Heather Thompson Featured in Michigan News

Michigan News reporter Charles Kamper caught up with Carceral State Project co-founder Heather Ann Thompson in an October 18 interview. Kamper writes that “The project recently received an important grant from U-M’s Humanities Collaboratoryto begin the Documenting Criminalization and Confinement initiative. This endeavor will be the first comprehensive qualitative and quantitative report on criminalization and the conditions of confinement in America.”

In the interview, Thompson talks about the “social dislocation and economic devastation” that she recognized growing up in Detroit. Tracing her interest in exploring these issues to her time as a U-M undergraduate, Thompson says, “others were writing about the collapse of the city, but to me, it was always the site of extraordinary black accomplishment and success, and I wanted to understand the roots of that.”