Collaboratory Team Hosts Editors of Afro-Brazilian Magazine

Expanding the Reach of the Global Feminisms Oral History Archive, one of the Collaboratory’s current Project Grant teams, hosted Luciane Ramos Silva and Nabor Jr. in the Collaboratory at a lunch on February 26. Silva and Nabor Jr. were visiting the Collaboratory in connection with the launch of the 21st issue of the Afro-Brazilian magazine “O Menelick 2⁰ Ato” and of its curated edition in English.

A special digital and print exhibit of selected magazine covers by Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Diasporic artists will be on display until March 11th in the Hatcher Library Gallery, in front of the Collaboratory space.

This exhibit is part of the O Menelick 2Ato: Art, Culture and Society From the Perspective of Contemporary Brazilian Black Press series of events.

Luciane Ramos Silva—Afro-Brazilian anthropologist, choreographer, dancer and editor of the digital and print magazine O Menelick 2⁰ Ato—was interviewed for the Global Feminisms Project in the fall of 2018. The Collaboratory lunch was a special meeting at which the team met and discussed Silva’s work as an interdisciplinary scholar, artist, and feminist activist. Attendees shared accounts of their feminist research, scholarship, and activism from a range of perspectives and places worldwide.

Pictured L to R: Abigail Dumes, Ozge Savas, Marisol Fila, Eimeel Castillo, Luciane Ramos Silva, Wang Zheng, and Nabor Jr. met in the Humanities Collaboratory. (Not pictured: Sueann Caulfield).