Nora Krinitsky Advocates for Awareness of How COVID-19 Affects People in Prison

Nora Krinitsky, Project Director of the Collaboratory’s Documenting Criminalization and Confinement Project Grant team, has become an important voice in raising urgent awareness of how the COVID-19 virus impacts incarcerated individuals. On a recent episode of Michigan Minds (Season 2, ep. 14) Krinitsky focuses on prisons and social distancing, discussing the physical and emotional impact of isolation on prisoners.

Krinitsky, interviewed by the Michigan News on March 18, said, “In many prisons, the only way to quarantine someone who is sick is in segregation, a step that is typically used as a punitive measure.” A March 24 Michigan Daily article looks in-depth at the extra risks caused by the difficulties of accessing health care in prison as well as the ways in which prison overcrowding is expected to lead to a rise in the rates of COVID-19. Krinitsky said, “In my search for silver linings, one small consolation in this moment is that as we all experience isolation that is far less acute than the isolation people experience in prisons, that people might be able to develop their empathy for people who are inside.”