Spotlight: Jiseung Kim to Start Postdoc in Prosody and Psycholinguistics

Jiseung Kim will soon be headed to the University of Alberta to start a postdoctoral fellowship in Prosody and Psycholinguistics. Congratulations!
Jiseung has been a stellar team leader on multiple phonetics projects on the From Africa to Patagonia Collaboratory grant team. In addition to her work on two comprehensive linguistics projects, Jiseung has mentored more than 25 undergraduate RAs.

PI Nick Henriksen spoke with Jiseung about her career development. She said, “my experience in the Collaboratory helped me tremendously as I navigated the job market learning to reposition myself as a new postdoctoral researcher. I am very grateful for the experience and for the funding I received from the Collaboratory. It was a rare opportunity to be involved in such an interdisciplinary environment with several UM researchers of various backgrounds and with great achievements. During the interview process for my postdoctoral fellowship, I was asked on multiple occasions about my previous work experience with undergraduate RAs, and I consistently pointed to my mentorship with our large team in the Collaboratory. I count myself very fortunate to have worked with such a fine crop of undergraduate students!”