Collaboratory members’ recent publications

Plough Quarterly has published an excerpt of the introduction of Ashley Lucas’s forthcoming book Prison Theatre and the Global Crisis of Incarceration (Bloomsbury, Sept. 3, 2020). Lucas is a co-PI of the Humanities Collaboratory Project Grant team Documenting Criminalization and Confinement.

Lorenzo García-Amaya and Sean Lang have published an article entitled “Filled pauses are susceptible to cross-language phonetic influence: Evidence from Afrikaans-Spanish bilinguals” in the journal Studies in Second Language Acquisition. Their article investigates the effects of long-term bilingualism on the production of filled pauses (e.g., uh, um, eh, em) in the speech of Afrikaans-Spanish bilinguals from Patagonia, Argentina. Their findings derive from the data collected by From Africa to Patagonia Collaboratory-funded fieldwork trips.