Collaboratory Builds Ties with University of Iowa’s Humanities for the Public Good

Part of the Michigan Humanities Collaboratory’s mission is to build ties between programs and institutions with shared goals of advancing collaborative scholarship in the humanities. To that end, Collaboratory Faculty Coordinator Kristin Hass will be supporting the University of Iowa’s Humanities for the Public Good initiative by sharing programmatic knowledge.

Teresa Mangum, Director of the Andrew W. Mellon-funded Humanities for the Public Good, is working with a 30-member advisory board to develop an integrative, collaborative, practice-based humanities PhD. As part of that process, their team has invited input from multiple sources with experience in designing and leading humanities labs. As a national leader in collaborative humanities scholarship, the Humanities Collaboratory values the opportunity to work with comparable, emerging programs at other institutions.

Hass and other members of the Humanities Collaboratory eagerly look forward to conversations with Humanities for the Public Good. We are honored to be asked to share resources and experiences with this initiative as they build a program specifically designed “for students seeking to translate the values, methods, and content of advanced studies in the humanities into careers that serve the public good.”