Call for 2021 applications

The Humanities Collaboratory is pleased to announce a call for applications for our 2021 Proposal Development Grants. Proposal Development Grants provide up to $85K of funding during May and June of each year for awarded teams to develop research questions and to prepare a cohesive Project Grant proposal. Because we value the process of how innovative projects develop, we encourage applications that emphasize deep engagement with evolving research questions. The application deadline is February 22, 2021.

More information is available hefe on our website. Review successful applications from previous years on our Proposal Development funding page. Learn more about what Proposal Development Grants can lead to by exploring our Project Grants. Find answers to more questions on our FAQ page.

The COVID crisis underscores the importance of the humanities and the benefits of collaborative research. At this time, the Humanities Collaboratory does not anticipate that its upcoming grants cycle will be affected by the university’s recently announced financial restrictions, given that research is considered essential. However, certain components of grants are not allowed at this time (e.g., travel, consultants, conferences) and we ask our applicants to apply with these restrictions in mind. For further information, please contact us by email:

The Humanities Collaboratory welcomes and encourages exploratory inquiries. To request a consultation, email Faculty Coordinator Kristin Hass at