Collaboratory team builds groundbreaking archive of oral interviews

Expanding the Reach of the Global Feminisms Oral History Archive has continued conducting cross-continental interviews. Originally planned as in-person conversations, the team has moved forward with Zoom interviews for their project centered on activism in Peru.

The team’s site coordinator Shelly Grabe (UC Santa Cruz) hosted a discussion about how feminist activists in South America are working on behalf of women during COVID.

Grabe, along with Karen Bernedo Morales (president and co-founder of the Asociación Cultural Museo Itinerante Arte por la Memoria), interviewed Lourdes Huanca Afencio. Afencio is the president of FENMUCARINAP (the Federation of Female Peasants, Artisans, Indigenous, Native and Salaried Workers of Peru). With 126,000 members around the country. FENMUCARINAP is centered on Indigenous communities, focusing on maintaining land, water, and seed sovereignty.

Also interviewed by Expanding the Reach was Virginia Vargas, a founding member of the Flora Tristán Center, a non-governmental Peruvian organization that studies, educates, and lobbies for women’s rights.

Pictured: Karen Bernedo Morales (top L) and Shelly Grabe (top R) interview Lourdes Huanca Afencio