Where We Work


  • Antigonish, Nova Scotia
    In collaboration with daycare centres and Summer Recreation associations we conduct research with children and their parents in this rural University town.
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
    Fredericton is a small eastern Canadian city and provincial capital.   The Province of New Brunswick is officially bilingual (French/English) and the rural Indigenous population is currently receiving long overdue attention in language rights, culture and education.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
    We collaborate with elementary and secondary schools, their students and their families in this western multicultural Canadian city that has a large and growing immigrant (especially Asian) population and a significant Indigenous presence.


  • Nanjing, Jiangsu
    Our research is based in two communities, involving long-term ethnographic fieldwork and experimental studies in schools and with families from diverse backgrounds.
  • Hangzhou, Zhejiang
    We examined children’s development of inequity aversion in Hangzhou, a large-sized city in south-east China.
  • Shanghai
    Our research is based in a middle-class preschool community, involving ethnographic fieldwork, questionnaire survey and experimental methods.


  • Morona-Santiago
    In collaboration with the Shuar Health and Life History project, our team works with the forager-horticulturalist Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador.


  • Shrikakulum, Andhra Pradesh
    In collaboration with the local NGO Arthik Samata Mandal, we conduct research in a few rural villages in this predominantly agricultural district.


  • San Pedro de Saño District
    We conduct research with children in several small villages in this district through the collaboration of local schools.


  • Taipei
    The historical research was conducted in a Han Chinese village (descendants from Southeast China) near Taipei, from 1958 to 1960. It combined ethnographic fieldwork, questionnaire survey and psychological tests.


  • Fort Portal
    In collaboration with the Kasisii Project, our team works with schools & communities in Fort Portal, Uganda.

United Kingdom

  • London
    We have carried out a project involving ethnographic fieldwork and experimental studies in one school and community.

United States

  • Ann Arbor
    We test children in schools, at local museums, in public parks, and through the university database.
  • Boston
    We test adults and children in schools, at local museums and in public parks. We aim to recruit participants that reflect the ethnic and economic diversity of the Boston Metropolitan Area.


  • Tanna
    [More information coming soon.]