FALL 2015

The Rackham Graduate School offers a wide array of Professional Development programming. Check out their site for more information:

The graduate teaching certificate (GTC), requirement and resources page

The graduate teaching certificate in digital media (GTC+)

Contact person: Meg Bakewell

School of Education Courses of Interest

EDUC 830 (Fall 2015; Leah Bricker) Intersections related to science education and science studies [philosophy of science, sociology of science, anthropology of science, rhetoric of science, etc.]). I’m happy to welcome folks into that course, but fair warning…it’s the class that is least focused on science teaching out of our four science ed doc seminar classes (although of course we talk about applications for teaching and learning).
EDUC 662 (Fall 2015; Pat King) Learning and Development in Higher Education.

EDUC 832 (Winter 2016; Betsy Davis) Science ed doc seminar focused on research in science teaching).

NEW COURSE (Winter 2016; Charles Dershimer, Ginger Shultz, Leah Bricker) We are offering  a course that we’re piloting as part of our TLTC grant. The course will also focus on science teaching at secondary and post-secondary levels.

Educational Policy
POLICY 750:  “The Past, Present, and Future of the American Research University.”  Instructor: Prof. James Duderstadt, President Emeritus and University Professor of Science and Engineering