UM Computational Social Science Directory

There are a number of groups and units on campus related to Computational Social Science. We (organizers of the CSS Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop) try to maintain a full listing of their websites and information here. Please reach out with updates/additions.

CSS Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop

  • CSS events organized by graduate students, open to all.
  • Website with announcements and resources
  • Maintains an email listserv with 150+ members for CSS related events, announcements, and calls.

CSS Initiative

  • A new initiative, currently within Complex Systems.
  • Website
  • Github

Complex Systems (CSCS)

Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS)

ICOS Big Data Camp

  • A two week summer course aimed at graduate students and other researchers. Sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies.
  • Website (2017)

Ann Arbor Data Dive (A2D2)

  • A student organization in the School of Information that brings together local non-profits with people interested in helping them make use of their data.
  • Website

Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR)

  • Website
  • Offers
    • Free CSS skills learning workshops
    • Walk-in and appointment based consulting
    • More!

Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research (ICPSR)

  • Website
  • Teaches a variety of CSS relevant skills and methods, including network analysis, machine learning, text analysis, math for social scientists, R, and more!

Other units with CSS components

Outside UM