Resources from Data Camp Online!

Resources from this year’s ICOS Big Data Camp are now online! Data Camp 2017 was taught and attended by numerous CSS Workshop members.

On their home page, you will find

  • Slides from all of the talks
  • Example code and data from all lessons
  • Links to important tools and their setup instructions (e.g. SQL, Python, BASH, Jupyter…)

On their resources page, you will find

  • Example papers
  • Free online books
  • Relevant blogs
  • Many, many data sets on a huge variety of things
  • Useful tools
  • API examples and documentation

Data camp will run again next summer, so stay tuned for announcements!

List of Summer CSS Opportunities

There are a host of things one can do this summer related to computational social science, both within and without the university. We have compiled a partial list below (and we welcome suggestions!):

Within UM:

  • ICOS Big Data Summer Camp. The camp will run again this summer here at UM. A number of our members have been participants or leaders there in the past and found it to be a great way to build skills and network with other Michigan people. Information from last year’s workshop is here.
  • ICPSR Summer Courses teach a variety of CSS relevant skills and methods, including network analysis, machine learning, text analysis, math for social scientists, R, and more! They also have scholarships.

Outside UM:

Princeton Resources for CSS

Our videoconference with Princeton Sociology Professor Matthew Salganik about his new book, Bit by Bit, left us with a wealth of information and resources. Check them out below!

Princeton workshops and tutorials (with data, code, slides…):

Relevant conferences:

A few examples of published work in CSS: