CSSH’s Collection on Afghanistan

For more nuanced analysis of Afghan society, politics, and culture than you will find in the news, please explore CSSH‘s collection of essays exploring Afghanistan in transregional, diversely historical contexts.

Green, Nile. 2011. “The Trans-Border Traffic of Afghan Modernism: Afghanistan and the Indian “Urdusphere.”” (CSSH 53-3)

Monsutti, Alessandro. 2012. “Fuzzy Sovereignty: Rural Reconstruction in Afghanistan, between Democracy Promotion and Power Games.” (CSSH 54-3)

McCoy, Alfred W. 2016. “Covert Netherworld: An Invisible Interstice in the Modern World System.” (CSSH 58-4)

Moin, A. Afzar. 2015. “Sovereign Violence: Temple Destruction in India and Shrine Desecration in Iran and Central Asia.” (CSSH 57-2)

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Condos, Mark. 2016. ““Fanaticism” and the Politics of Resistance along the North-West Frontier of British India.” (CSSH 58-3).

By ltwstu

Lecturer of Anthropology University of Michigan Associate Managing Editor Comparative Studies in Society and History