Medical Anthropology

(Not open to students electing the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) academic minor in the Residential College.)

The academic minor in Medical Anthropology allows students to focus on the social basis of illness and healing from different cultural perspectives. The academic minor might be elected by students interested in client-practitioner interactions, traditional and complementary medicine, the production of medical knowledge, body politics, bioethics, and reproductive health, among other topics. It might also be relevant for those students interested in adding anthropological perspectives to their preparation for a career in medicine, public health, and other health sciences.

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor: Anthrcul 101 or 222 (recommended).

Academic Minor Program in Medical Anthropology:  At least five courses (no fewer than 16 credits) to be chosen from the following categories as stated:

  1. Anthrcul 344, Medical Anthropology (4 credit hours).
  2. Choose four courses from the following list:
    Anthrbio 363, Genes, Disease, and Culture (4)
    Anthrbio 364, Nutrition & Evolution (4)
    Anthrcul 212/ Womanstd 212/Nursing 225, The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic (4)
    Anthrcul 232, Genes, Genealogies, Identities: Anthropological Perspectives (4)
    Anthrcul 256, Culture, Adaptation and Environment (3)
    Anthrcul 258, Culture & Medicine (3)
    Anthrcul 325/Womenstd 324, Childbirth & Culture (4)
    Anthrcul 327, Critical Theory in Medicine and Healing (4)
    Anthrcul 342/Anthrbio 342, Nature/Culture Now! (4)
    Anthrcul 352, Anthropology of the Body (3)
    Anthrcul 354/Histart 354, Art, Science, and Technology (3)
    Anthrcul 437, The Anthropology of Death, Dying, and the Afterlife (3)
    AAS 365/Womenstd 365, Global Perspectives on Gender, Health, & Reproduction (3)
    AAS 409/Anthrcul 408, Maternal/Child Health & Environmental Pollution in Africa (3)
    AAS 458/Womenstd 483, Gender, Poverty, and Health (3)
    History/AAS/Anthrcul 355, Health & Illness in African Worlds (3)
    Or a course(s) approved by the undergraduate advisor

The minor must include at least 2 courses at the 300-level or above.

Please note: courses used for this minor must be either offered in the Department of Anthropology or taught by an anthropologist in another department. No other courses outside of this department will be approved.
Health message for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Bolgatanga, UER, Ghana (Renne)

Health message for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Bolgatanga, UER, Ghana (Renne)