Issue No. 1: Music and Protest/Demonstration

We are pleased to publish this set of articles addressing the role of music/sound in contemporary protest, written from perspectives from various areas of music scholarship.

Article 1: IC3PEAK Whispers and Screams po-Russki (in Russian) of Cultural Downfalls in Russia Today, by Aleksandra Drozzina

Article 2: Beyond Black and White: Humanizing Black Bodies Through Music Videos in the BLM Era, by Abigail Lindo

Article 3: Music as a Tool for Disability Activism, by Diane Kolin

Article 4: Summer 2020 Protests in Portland, Oregon: Teaching Music and Social Justice, by Aaron Beck

Article 5: Expanding the Limits of Protest: Rap and Social Media in the Wake of George Floyd’s Death, by Hannah Strong


Anna Rose Nelson and Michaela Franzen

Editorial Board:

Christi-Anne Castro, Gabriela Cruz, Piper Foulon, Mayna Tyrell, William van Geest, Alyssa Wells, Kai West, Kira Thurman