Meet Danielle Maxwell (she/her/hers)

Welcome! I am a rising third-year graduate student in the Chemistry Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan. In the broadest sense, my research interests include 1) characterizing the social practices of students when participating in a guided-inquiry activity, 2) understanding how students from non-majority groups and different educational contexts develop science identities, 3) investigating the role of cultural identity as a sub-construct of science identity, and 4) using design-based implementation research practices to develop culturally responsive science curricula. I am passionate about service, science outreach, and chemistry education, and aspire to become a chemistry professor once I finish graduate school. In my free time, I enjoy playing with my cat and watching The Good Place and Friends. To learn more about me, check out the rest of my website or follow me on Twitter!

Contact Information

Email: maxweldn@umich.edu
Twitter: @Danielle_Maxwel